Contact Katie Downie or 216.618.6364 to become listed as an OSAF member who provides services


Requirements to be listed:

  • Ohio SAF Full or Transitional member in good standing.

  • Confirmation that those listed reaffirm adherence to the SAF Code of Ethics.

  • Payment of Initial Application Fee $50 for first time applicants and Annual Fee of $25 thereafter.

  • Completion and submission of an online form detailing your qualifications and the services that you provide.


The OSAF Directory operates on a 12 month cycle which begins on April 1st and ends on March 31 of the following calendar year.  Registrations received after the spring enrollment period (Jan. 1 to Mar. 1) will be applied to the remainder of the current listing period. No partial payments will be accepted.  The online database will be updated as soon as practical after the completion and submission of the online forms, registration payment is received and appropriate memberships are verified as current.

Lists are administered by an Ad Hoc committee of OSAF.




Ohio SAF members can now be included with their peers on a listing of consulting and industry members.  This listing will be made available through a variety of channels to woodland owners seeking forestry assistance.


Other benefits that you receive from the Society of American Foresters include: 

  • Active Public Outreach

  • Career Advancement

  • Comprehensive Network

  • Money-Saving Benefits and Discounts

  • Technical Expertise

  • Policy Resource

  • Continuing Education

  • Standards of Excellence

Click here for description of SAF Benefits


Contact Katie Downie to become listed as an OSAF member who provides services.  


Initial Application: TBD

Annual Fee: