OSAF -Consultin Forester Consulting Forester

Consulting foresters and technicians are self-employed or work for a private consulting company. They have no interest in a timber purchasing or procurement entity. They provide forest resource management recommendations and assistance to land owners owners for a fee. While some consultants provide assistance with a wide variety of forestry activities, others are quite specialized.

Industry Forester Industry Forester

Industry foresters and technicians are employed by one of the forest industries (e.g. logging company, paper mill, or sawmill) and are often responsible for procuring wood fiber for their employer and /or managing company owned lands. They may provide forestry services to landowners such as timber harvest planning, tree planting advice, and forest resource  management recommendations.

Service Forester Service Forester

Service foresters are employed by the State of Ohio, these individuals are available to provide landowners with current information for the long term management of their woodlands; can provide management plans and advice on how to accomplish the plan’s objectives, and; provide landowners with technical assistance and information on tree planting projects, woodland improvement activities and timber marketing assistance.